Curved Sure Lock ML100™ | Sure Lock ML150™ is a concealed fastener standing seam profile that is mechanically seamed using a single or double lock method

Curved Sure Lock ML100™ | Sure Lock ML150™

  Curved Sure Lock ML100™ | Sure Lock ML150™ by Briggs Steel is a brand new offering for those curved radius roofs for convex or concave roofs and the trim to match. These panel profiles and trim are versatile and beautiful architectural profile. The Curved Sure Lock ML100™ | Sure Lock ML150™ is a concealed

Sure Seam Sealant™ by Briggs Steel Hot Melt Butyl Sealant for Metal Roofing Watertight Warranties for low slope metal roofing applications.

Sure Seam Sealant™ Thermally Applied Butyl Sealant

  Sure Seam Sealant™ by Briggs Steel is an additional feature to all of our concealed fastener standing seam panels for additional watertight protection for low slope roofs. Sure Seam Sealant™ is a continuous thermally-applied Hot Melt butyl sealant that is factory applied during panel fabrication to avoid using foam tape or butyl tape for field

Tuftex® Poly-Lite™ & Ridge-Lite™ Polycarbonate Metal Roofing & Siding Panels Briggs Steel Briggs Built Metal

Tuftex® Polycarbonate Skylight & Sidelight Panels

  Tuftex® Poly-Lite™ & Ridge-Lite™ Polycarbonate Skylight & Sidelight Panels have a been a product that Briggs Steel has offered for years but sometimes it gets left in the dust so we decided to highlight it. Polycarbonate panels are a great addition to any Post Frame, Pole Barn, Steel Building and Greenhouses or whichever method

Novaflex® Metal Roofing Sealant Briggs Steel Metal Roofing and Siding Sealant

Novaflex® Metal Roofing Sealant

Novaflex® Metal Roof Sealant provides unbeatable adhesion to metal, coated metals (including PVDF), wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials. Coverage for Novaflex® using a 1/4” bead application approx. 28 linear feet with minimal shrinkage. It offers an unbeatable service temperature of -40ºF to +400ºF and installation temperature of -20ºF to +120ºF. Briggs Steel stocks Novaflex®