3003 aluminum tread has many benefits, including is aesthetically pleasing, durability, and improved traction. It is used in many applications because of the qualities it possesses. Commonly referred to as “diamond tread” due to the raised diamond-shaped pattern, aluminum tread also provides strength, ease of welding and corrosion resistance.

To create aluminum tread an aluminum coil, in this case a 3003 aluminum coil, is sent through a synchronized set of rolls. The rolls press against each other to create a raised diamond pattern on the top side of the coil. At OFR Metals we primarily stock diamond tread, however there are other designs that can be rolled as well.

Because of the traction on aluminum tread it is commonly found on walkways and ramps. You can also expect to find it on truck and trailer applications.

Diamond Tread Plate

Aluminum Tread (Diamond) Plate Details

.045 – .125
48″ & 60″ wide

*Additional sizes & grades available upon request. Some products and services may vary call us for details.


Typical uses for Aluminum Tread (Diamond) Plate

Scuff plates, running boards, mud flaps, as well as applications for recreational vehicles, four-wheel vehicles, and trailers.


Mill Finish Aluminum
Mill Finish Aluminum
Clear Anodized Aluminum
Clear Anodized Aluminum