Why use our metal roofing and siding for your commercial building?

[cq_vc_sidebyside card1content=”Briggs Steel offers a large selection of metal roofing and metal siding panels for any commercial project. There are a variety of commercial buildings that we can provide quality steel roofing for. We supply All metal coping and flashing for flat roofing applications. We also offer full concealed fastening roofing systems with warranties for commercial buildings. We can provide many styles and colors of metal roofing and siding for any style of building to match your addition or for new construction. We supply quality steel with great warranties and durability. If you need help choosing what type of metal to use, contact us and our specialists can help you with any questions you have.” dividertype=”icon” dividericon=”openiconic” divider_icon_openiconic=”vc-oi vc-oi-star” dividerbg=”#f4f4f4″ dividercolor=”#333333″ card2avatar=”image” card2image=”5670″ cardheight=”500″ contentsize=”1.3em”]

Here are some excellent quality metal roofing profiles that are used frequently.

< ArmorX Series™ Rapid Snap NS100™ > Metal Roofing

At Briggs Steel DefenderX Series™ Sure Lock ML100 Double Lock™ Metal Roofing Panel provides superior protection.  In a wide range of colors and gauges this steel roofing product can meet commercial standards and provide the look you need to beautify your next commercial project.


The Sure Snap SL175 HD™ Metal Roofing Panel is in our GuardianX Series™ and offers outstanding performance in protecting your roof.  This snap-together 1-3/4″ rib height steel roofing panel is available in varying widths, colors, and gauges.  This structural standing seam panel does not require a solid substrate for support, and saves money through material costs and energy efficiency.

Sure Snap SL175 HD™
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