Decorative Dormers Metal

Decorative Dormers are created by coppersmithing experts.  With years of experience and expertise custom dormers and skylights can be created.  They are available in numerous styles and sizes.  They are made ready for installation with no further framing required.

Decorative Dormer

Decorative Dormers Highlights

  • Unique and distinguished curb appeal
  • Made with high quality metal products
  • Made by experts who specialize in Coppersmithing
  • Made in a large variety of designs.

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Decorative Dormers Details

Industry Uses
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Architectural
  • Fixed on roof to create a unique dormer
  • Adds artistry and light
  • All units are self-contained, require no additional framing and are delivered ready to set in place
Finish Options
  • Copper
  • Freedom Gray Copper
  • Post-applied Patina Copper